Nominations open for FASC West region Councillor.  Applications close July 1st

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Fonterra Australia Suppliers’ Council (FASC) represents Fonterra Australia’s suppliers.

FASC’s structure includes an elected Board of Directors (“Executive”) comprising five supplier directors and up to one independent director. FASC also has twelve “Councillors” – three from each dairy region.

FASC’s overarching role is to represent the interests and views of all Fonterra suppliers in Victoria and Tasmania with a collective independent voice back to Fonterra.

Benefits to suppliers:

  • Farmers working collectively for farmers.
  • Strong and active representation of supplier’s interests with Fonterra.

What we do:

  • Run the Proud to be a Dairy Farmer program (note that this is open to all – your farm does not need to supply Fonterra). 
  • Run the Get to Know Fonterra program designed specifically for Fonterra Suppliers - providing a 2 day overview of Fonterra Australia 
  • Negotiate with Fonterra Australia, on behalf of our suppliers, on conditions of milk supply.
  • Develop the next generation of dairy industry leaders through the sponsorship of several leading dairy/agriculture training programs.
  • Oversee the operation of the FASC processes for direct farmer feedback to the FASC Executive and Fonterra.
  • Represent supplier’s interests with Fonterra Australia and work with Fonterra to develop initiatives to support farmers.
  • Actively participate in supplier meetings, field days, industry conferences, industry forums.

Our relationship with Fonterra Australia:

FASC has a formal written ongoing operational agreement with Fonterra Australia.